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BM-ScienceBM-Science is scientific research organization based in Espoo (Finland) that provides a nexus between basic scientific research in neuroscience and society. The strong motivation factors of BM-Science activity are to significantly contribute to answers on the core questions of our time in the field of neuroscience and brain-and-mind research that will open new possibilities in broad areas, such as neuro-philosophy, consciousness, education, human communication and human-machine interfaces, among other.

By sharing the scientific expertise with you, BM-Science team helps you analyzing, modelling, and studying the brain better than ever before. BM-Science uses the most innovative QEEG techniques originally developed (and constantly improved) by its scientific team. These techniques (a) are especially suited for the analysis of nonstationary QEEG signals, (b) are uniquely capable of measuring the dynamic and metastable changes of brain spatial–temporal patterns that are isomorphic with the phenomenal level and (c) have special tests for the non-random/non-occasional nature of the obtained EEG characteristics. This toolset essentially takes into account repetitions of QEEG spatial–temporal patterns at multiple structural levels, thus capturing both dynamic as well as hierarchical complexities of brain activity which is nested within a multi-scale architecture. The whole methodology allows the reconstruction of spatial–temporal patterns of phenomenal level directly from QEEG data through isomorphic (to them) QEEG spatial–temporal patterns of different complexity. This methodology provides new insights into the nature of human brain functioning in the norm and pathology. A high level of specificity of BM-Science techniques for QEEG analysis is beyond the confidence level achieved by many routinely used clinical tests (such as mammograms, cervical screenings, or CT, PET or MRI brain scans).

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